Check out the video from the Sherinian family in Virginia at I really like these people!

Or check out the family of superheroes when Rochelle Tallmadge, the redhead from Texas, tells us about her and her kids (the kids get all the capes, but she's the real superhero). (If the video doesn't load, click on her image at the bottom of the page - something is strange with that link.) There are some powerful messages in her story. Anyone thinking about having an abortion might benefit from the perspectives she offers, especially if you're being pressured to have an abortion because the baby will be born with Downs syndrome or other problems. No, abortion is not discussed at all--but her understanding of the value of special needs children adds an important dimension to discussions on the sanctity of life.

I also really appreciated the video of Rose Yvette, a terrific artist. On her page, below the video, she answers one frequently asked question about the Church. I like her viewpoint here.
Why don't women hold the priesthood in the Mormon Church? How do women lead in the Mormon Church?

The role of womanhood is completely equal, never a subservient role, to that role of the priesthood for men. Women are equal recipients of all the priesthood blessings and have opportunities of leadership within the Church from the highest level of General Authorities down to the congregation level, roles that compliment and work in conjunction with the men's roles. The women and the priesthood must function together, one unable to do its role without the other.

When one looks at the priesthood, it is designed as an officiating power of keys and ordinances to bless others and never to be used for self-aggrandizement and even within the temple, women can officiate in certain ordinances. But, when understanding the organization, the structure of the Church, men or women cannot aspire to any position by our own will. A person is called to a certain assignment for a time but there is now power structure to ascend as it were.

There is no sexual discrimination, a perfect balance, but just as men and women can have similar gifts, there are definite gifts and attributes that are given to women. But while the priesthood must be conferred on a male, the role of womanhood and all its gifts, attributes are given to women by their very nature. It is said that women are on the errand of angels in their innate gifts. Women are also encouraged to continue their education and to constantly improve their skills.

I learned about this feature at from my friend Greg Nielsen, who has his own profile there and a great story as well. Enjoy! Maybe some of you should post your own stories there as well.
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