So, I spent a day and a half last week in Sandy at the LDS Bookseller's Association Convention Trade-show. I got to show off Hagoth! It was a lot of fun! I'm not sure what exactly I was expecting it to be, but I think things went pretty well. Not a whole lot of orders or sales there at the convention, but lots of connections made and new people and organizations found.

One quick example was Sounds of Zion (here). I was unaware of exactly what they do. In essence they are a distributor of LDS products. So, Mayday Games needs to hook up with them and get Hagoth out into more and more stores that are aimed at the LDS community in general. Deseret Book is a good start, but why not get out there in all the stores that sell LDS products!!? Not that I don't think they are going to pursue that, I just think it's important and a great way of getting your product out to LDS people.

I had a lot of fun working the booth. Friday morning I was able to hang out with my wife there in the booth, meeting people, playing Hagoth, and showing others how to play. Overall it was a great learning experience and I'm grateful that Mayday Games gave me the opportunity to attend. Find some more pics of the booth below.

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