While in Utah recently, I was trying to find an LDS temple that wasn't temporarily closed for maintenance. LDS.org/temples/ makes it easy to search for temples according to location, and includes information on schedules and whether a temple offers rental clothing and cafeteria service. As I contemplated temples and food, I suddenly had a vision for the LDS temple in the Millennium. The Bible prophesies that saints will be serving God day and night in the temple during this time (Rev. 7:15). Why will the Saints be so eager to spend so many long hours in the temple? What will keep them energized and motivated?

Part of the answer could be my prediction that the world's best sushi chefs will be working the temple cafeteria circuit. That would strengthen the arguments that the Isaiah 2 passage about the latter-day temple has been improperly translated. Instead of beating weapons into plowshares and pruninghooks, an alternative could be various sushi utensils. The case for the updated translation is tentative, but tantalizing, just like good sushi.

Maybe this is why the early Christians used a fish as one of their most important symbols. That and the famous miracle of the fish and sushi rice (often mistranslated as "loaves"). Food for thought.

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