Recently we had two local LDS missionaries into our home for lunch. One of them, Elder Vaughan from Alaska, offered a short spiritual message after the meal that set off all sorts of alarms in my head. Ding ding ding ding - alert, alert: wow, this young man is sincerely trying to strengthen our testimonies and make our lives better. There was such a great spirit as he taught and shared, and it was so clear that he was there purely as a servant of God. Not just someone trying to do something religious, but as an authorized, inspired, active servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, there to bless the lives of the Lindsay family and anyone who will listen. It really made an impression on me.

Words do not do justice to this very brief but powerful interaction, but it reminded me that there are some remarkably choice servants of God out there. I hope we can recognize the missionaries as more than just young people trying to endure many months way from home, but as real servants of God with something that can bless our lives. Invite them into your home and see for yourself.
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