I have been fiddling around with what movie-making software I have and put together the following video called “A Heavenly Journey.”

The “journey” starts off in the presence of God and we then travel through the immensity of space to reach the Earth, the place where God determined that our mortal experience would take place. Our purpose in this mortal life is to learn and progress so that we can return to the presence of God. I depict the place where one gains the knowledge of how to make this return journey as the temple. Temples have been built since the beginning of mankind’s history so that we could gain our bearings in the universe, learning where we came from and how to get back there.  I include a depiction of the procession at Solomon’s temple dedication, which procession I believe was meant to represent the ascent from the Earth through the heavens and back into God’s presence. This was a ritual enactment of what they expected to someday be a reality for them. Then the actual ascent/journey back through the heavens is depicted, ending with a vision of Christ on His Throne, the Godhead, and ultimate enthronement of the individual.

I could have included many more relevant images, but this was just a fun exercise for me in putting together a video.

I am posting a couple of other great videos that James from Lehi’s Library pointed out to me.

They were both put together for NOVA : the first is a reconstruction of Solomon’s Temple (which is much better done than the one I previously posted), and also a video about Asherah as a possible Hebrew Goddess, the wife of God. Some very interesting material!

(You may recognize some of this as having been included in David Tayman’s and my video The Temple: Part One — Sacred Space)

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