I went into a Seagull Book this afternoon. I always look at the games that are available. I must say that they do sell everything for less than Deseret Book. And I was interested to find, after doing a quick search (check this link), that the church owns both Deseret Book and Seagull Book. Anyway, I saw that It Came to Pass (here) had a little note on the package declaring that over 40,000 copies had been sold!!! This blew me away! I can't believe that so many copies of the game have sold.

This made me want to figure out the top selling LDS-themed games. So, according to what I've been able to find out this is a list of the top 3 selling games of all time:

1. It Came to Pass
Over 40,000 copies sold!!

2. Settlers of Zarahemla
Over 30,000 copies sold!!

3. Book of Mormon Battles
Over 20,000 copies sold!!

This is great news in my mind. I mean, these games are specifically published for members of the church and that many copies have sold!! I think there is a great market here, with great potential. I'm hoping to see Hagoth sell even a fraction of that many copies!!

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