WhyWeBelieve.com is a new and exciting Web site designed for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to share their testimonies online. This is not a site created by the Church, but by members of the Church who want to share their testimonies about what they believe.

After writing your testimony, you can add a link to it on all your social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc, so your friends can follow the link and read your testimony of the restored gospel. A percentage of your friends will feel something special and desire to know more.

The content of the testimonies will also appear in Internet search results. If a curious person searches for “Joseph Smith,” one of the results may be your testimony on Why We Believe! People who land on the Web site can also browse testimonies by gospel topics. They can then start a discussion by asking questions and making comments.

Read more about who created WhyWeBelieve.com and why.

Visit the site and share your testimony today!

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