So I've been sick...a weird kind of sick and I am still not normal and probably won't be for a while. The doctors think what I have is Labyrinthitis, so I have had the most wonderful joy of experiencing vertigo which makes me feel like the whole world is spinning around me. Luckily experiencing vertigo is minimal, but I am still quite dizzy in fact this post is in real need of ending right about now.

So to finish up quickly, sorry about the lack of posts this week and the lack of posts to come, hopefully I will be back soon. But to lighten my yucky situation just yesterday I received some comic relief in this form,

"Dad, look he has diapers on his ears." Maybe if I had worn some diapers on my ears this inner ear problem would never have happened and I'd be feeling like the world stood still. You gotta love 3 year olds.

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