The Utah legislature recently passed legislation aimed at curbing the federal government’s efforts to regulate CO2. I applaud the Utah legislature for trying to put the brakes on a train that is building up speed and may wreck in the near future.  

The Utah legislature is not trying to stop the global warming train; it is trying to slow it down and prevent precipitous decision making. Way to go legislators!

I don’t know enough about the science to comment on where we are in advancing global warming theory, but one thing is clear: The current arguments in favor of manmade global warming are rife with problems and political activism. Under the current political climate, we cannot proceed with costly legislation.

Which is potentially more damaging?

(A) Enacting legislation aimed at curbing CO2 emissions when in fact humanity has little or nothing to do with global warming?
(B) Postponing legislation aimed at curbing CO2 emissions until we have a clearer picture of it’s cause, when in fact mankind is largely to blame for global warming?

Answer: A is potentially more damaging.

The Utah Legislature is correct in calling the evidence in favor of man made global warming suspicious. We are hearing stories of missing data, potential cover-ups, fudged data, attempts to blacklist critics, and scientists getting into bed with political activists like Al Gore. These events have given rise to new political jargon: Climate Gate.

Speaking of Al Gore, he said that by not regulating CO2 we are subjecting the earth to a massive “uncontrolled experiment.” He may be right. It is also true that by enacting costly legislation like cap and trade without a clear picture of what is going on is also a massive uncontrolled experiment, on our economy and way of life.

Saying that the science of man made global warming is settled is just as hokey as saying that the science of mankind’s evolutionary common descent is settled. I am no more inclined to believe in politically motivated global warming science than I am to believe that inductive science has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that my ancestors were knuckle dragging, grunting, hairy apes. 

Given the current socio-politico-activist climate, the science of global warming is not settled. No one says this better than Rex Murphy from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (see above video).

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