christmastreeornamentsThanks to Gary Anderson and Jen Orten (via Bryce Haymond), I was able to read the “Santa and His Asherah” spoof article in its entirety.

It’s obviously not a serious piece, but is quite funny and in the end brings up some interesting points. Although he greatly exaggerates the connections, one can’t help but notice the repetition of certain themes.  I don’t believe there is any real connection between Santa Claus, the Christmas Tree, and Canaanite mythology, but I do believe that many ancient themes have been perpetuated in varying forms into our modern culture. Also, that there are a number of associated ideas that Christian imagery preserves from the most ancient Israelite religion, which is quite similar to the Canaanite religion in many ways.

If you want to read the entire article, it was posted at Faith Promoting Rumor here.

Also check out Kevin Barney’s wonderful article on Asherah/Mother in Heaven here.

You can find discussion of Barney’s article here (thanks, Molly!)

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