Thanks to an extraordinarily talented and generous Keepa reader, who shall be known for the time being only as “Phantom of the Chapel,” we can now hear beautiful sound recordings of the pieces posted on our early Advent calendar. This post will be updated in about a week with additional audio files, and I’ll update past posts to include individual recordings.

Thank you, Phantom, more than I can say.

Clicking on a title will take you to the post with the sheet music. Clicking on “audio” will, well, play the audio file.

“All Hail the New-Born Year,” Parley P. Pratt, George Carelessaudio
“Bethlehem’s Song of Triumph,” B.H. Winslow, Alfred M. Durhamaudio
“A Child’s Merriest Christmas,” Lula Greene Richards, Willy Reskeaudio
“Christ Is Born, the Joyful Story,” Evan Stephensaudio
“Christmas Babe,” Frances K. Tayloraudio
“Christmas Bells,” George Hugh Thomasaudio
“Christmas Carol,” Mildred Tanner Pettitaudio
“Christmas Carol,” Willy Reskeaudio
“Christmas Eve,” Myles B. Fosteraudio
“Christmas is Coming,” Hazel Washburn, Lorenzo Mitchellaudio
“Christmas Night,” Inez R. Preece, Inez Jean Preeceaudio
“Christmas Song,” Evan Stephensaudio
“Dear Little Stranger,” Charles H. Gabrielaudio
“The First Christmas Night,” Moselle Renstrom — audio
“Glory Be to God,” Evan Stephensaudio
“The Holy Child,” Mildred Tanner Pettitaudio
“In the Star-Light,” Mary Hale Woolsey, Robert Saueraudio
“Mortals Awake! with Angels Join,” Samuel Medley, John Ripponaudio
“Sing the Sweet and Touching Story,” Emmeline B. Wells, George Carelessaudio
“A Stranger Star,” Orson F. Whitney, Evan Stephensaudio
“A Stranger Star O’er Bethlehem,” Orson F. Whitney, Edwin F. Parryaudio
“To the Land of Judea,” Frances K. Tayloraudio
“We Must Adore Thee,” Willy Reske audio
“When Christ Was Born in Bethlehem,” Ebenezer Beesleyaudio
“While Shepherds Watched,” Frank Moore Jeffreyaudio
“The Wrinkled Brow of Time,” Orson F. Whitney, Samuel B. Mittonaudio

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