One of the common themes I've encountered in my years in the Church is a tendency for mothers to experience small miracles in helping them raise and protect their children. Today in a fast and testimony meeting in a ward I was attending, I heard a mother talk about some of the small miracles she has experienced recently. One of these miracles occurred while she visiting a friend in another state this week. There was a moment when she thought her youngest toddler was with her and safe, but then she heard a voice of some kind with a very plain message: "Run!" She immediately knew that there was trouble. She glanced down and saw that the child she thought was at her leg was not there (it was her friend's toddler son). She ran toward the stairway leading to the basement of the house she was visiting. The door was supposed to be kept closed, but her friend's older child had opened the door, exposing the hard wooden stairs leading to a distant cement floor. And there was her fearless 10-month-old walker, a boy who shows no fear of heights or respect for gravity, standing at the top of the stairway, his toes over the edge. Why he was even pausing long enough for her to snatch him is a mystery to her. She rescued him, and spared herself the horror of watching a child tumble down hard stairs to a cement floor. Had it not been for this distinct voice out of nowhere urging her to run, she's convinced that he would have been hurt, perhaps severely.

Some will call that instinct, intuition, or even indigestion, but I believe it was inspiration, the very personal kind that a loving Heavenly Father occasionally gives us in mercy, when it is His will, to help us complete our missions and sometimes to help us raise our children. I have heard similar stories from many mothers. Sometimes tragedy strikes the best parents and the children, and we never know when it will be the Lord's will that our time is over or painful new trials must be faced, but we know that death and pain are not the ultimate tragedies and rejoice in the hope of the Resurrection and the joy of eternal families through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. But when those miracles come and we are helped in a time of danger, how grateful we are.

I am deeply grateful for those many women who listen to the voice of the Spirit when it calls and run or take whatever steps are needed to rescue their children. I am especially grateful in this case, since the little dare-devil ready to tumble into the basement was my grandson.
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