My missionary son and his companion recently experienced one of the many tiny miracles that occur when we seek to share the Gospel with others. Here's a condensed version of his story from a while ago, minus some identifying information:

A few weeks ago, the elders in a neighboring area . . . contacted a girl. They set up a time for her to come to the chapel and start meeting with them. After they parted ways, [she] decided she'd probably just forget about them and stand them up.

A day or so later, [my companion] and I went out in the afternoon to go contacting while holding a big sign we made to advertise for the free English class we have on Wednesday. The mission office makes tons of pamphlets with information about the English class, so we took a big stack and walked up and down the street passing the pamphlets out like crazy. Dinner time came so we started contacting our way back to our apartment building, where we would hang our sign back up in the lobby. By the time we got back to the little patio outside our apartment building, we had exactly one English pamphlet left. We wanted to eat food but we decided we had to get rid of the last pamphlet before we hung up the sign and ate some dinner. That's usually not a very hard thing--people usually take pamphlets pretty easily. So we started going around to the people sitting at tables on the patio and telling them about the English class. Strangely, every single person in that area refused to take the pamphlet. We looked around a little harder and finally saw a girl . . . . We went over and tried to give her the pamphlet. She wouldn't take it either. She said she already had one. She told us she'd met the [other] elders a few days ago and showed us the restoration booklet they left her. We talked to her a little about what they shared and encouraged her to keep meeting with them. . . . Because we ran into us after she decided to stand the other elders up, she realized this is a message God wants her to hear and changed her mind and went to meet with them. She met with the [other] elders for a while until they found out she lives in [our area]. Now we're meeting with her and . . . she's getting baptized next week! Isn't it amazing what God can do with one pamphlet?

I think the effort of "hoeing to the end of the row"--working to the end, even when hungry--often brings unusual blessings. Many great stories seem to have the element.
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