New_era_Nov_09Beginning with the November 2009 issue, the New Era magazine will feature a section titled “General Conference and You.” The intent of this new sec­tion is to help teens study and learn from the conference messages. This section will be included in each May and November issue of the New Era, which directly follows general conference, and will include:

  • Quotes and stories from the conference messages
  • A list of questions answered during the preceding general conference
  • Quotes from talks directed to youth of the Church
  • Reference materials, such as a list of all scriptures and hymns quoted in conference
  • Testimonies from teens all over the Church about their confer­ence experience

This new conference section will also inform teens about where they can go to find complete conference talks in text, audio, or video format. Internet links will also be provided to the New Era Web page where ad­ditional conference materials are available, including a slide show of youth at conference. This new section will also be a great resource for parents, teachers, and leaders of youth for post-conference dis­cussions in family home evening, Sunday School, Mutual, and even seminary.

The November 2009 New Era magazine is now online. Remember, that in addition to seeing the text, you can also view the full graphic layout by clicking View as PDF on the format bar.

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