It's been a while since I've felt compelled to blog, and I don't really have any good reasons as to why I couldn't have. I can't say that I think my life is any busier than yours -- therefore... I wish I could just start blogging as usual, and not mention the last few months. But I can't. I need to acknowledge my flakiness, even if I don't think that's what caused it, or even that that is what it was. But hey, I'm back... and it's good to be HOME!

So, what has caused this inner fire of personal passion to re-ignite? Well, I'm really excited about this weekend's General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- and I want to shout it out! I look forward to the spiritual replenishing that my spirit thirst for every six months. I've become conditioned to need this. Often times I don't even recognize the necessity, until it begins to draw closer, and then it hits me that -- I'm dehydrated!

My thirst began to be quenched during last week's General Relief Society Meeting... but it left me realizing that I needed much much more! It was a beautiful reminder to the women in the LDS Church, how truly blessed we are to belong to an inspired organization that was a vital part of the restoration of all things, in these latter-days.

"I will speak to you tonight of the great legacy those who went before you in the Relief Society have passed to you," said President Eyring. "The part of the foundation they laid for you which seems to me most important and persistent is that charity is at the heart of the society and was to come into the heart, to be part of the very nature, of every member."

What beautiful instruction and counsel we were given, by a Prophet of God - and those who are called to lead us. Often times, we as members of the Church, need to be reminded and remember that CHARITY is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. CHARITY is the Priesthood. CHARITY is at the heart of everything that we do -- and is the 'hearth' to every Latter-day Saint HOME! For those who may not be aware, the General Relief Society Meeting for the women of the Church, was the first session of General Conference, with other sessions continuing this weekend.

May we all feel that Spirit during General Conference, which beckons each one of us to come HOME, as we are counseled and instructed in the ways of righteousness...


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