BYU Magazine recently published "Will It Blend?" by Charlene Renberg Winters, featuring the famous guru of blender mayhem, Tom Dickson, CEO of Blendtec in Orem, Utah, and a BYU alumnus. Millions have seen Tom in Youtube videos where he demonstrates what his powerful blenders can do to, say, cell phones, boards, tin cans, butane lighters, or other objects. Crazy, dangerous, and highly viral. Sweet! See for more. That's not meant to be a product endorsement. In fact, I'm horrified by the product - especially seeing what it did to an iPhone. NOOOO!

I understand someone has proposed putting an anti-LDS street preacher and me into a giant blender to what happens when apologists and antis mix it up. Makes my head spin just thinking about it. I prefer to shake things up virtually, here at

Well, I'm happy for Tom, and pleased to see how interesting LDS people sometimes turn up in the strangest places and make their mark on the world in such unexpected ways. Blend on, Tom!

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