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The field of science relies upon challenging previous assumptions and understanding; by asking questions, we learn. Pursued properly, science can be a great asset to provide knowledge, technology, and progress to humanity. When married with government (the “political science” I here refer to—not the traditional definition), it becomes a force for deceit, destruction, and death.

The United States alone has already allotted nearly $8 billion for the swine flu pandemic, expecting this fall to be much worse in terms of population outbreak. Four companies have been contracted to produce and deliver vaccines for the American population, and countries are expected to fight over the limited supply that will be available and in high demand.

Unsurprisingly, there has been quite a bit of discussion for several weeks regarding the implementation of a national vaccination campaign, with some believing that the vaccination (a possible series of three shots) will be mandatory. The individuals we elected to discharge specific and limited duties are now scheming to determine if and how they should dictate the health decisions of each individual.

Additionally, few media outlets are emphasizing the historical connection to an eerily similar experience in 1976, when 25 people died as a direct result of the government-promoted (and propagandized) swine flu vaccine, with only one single death resulting from the actual virus itself. Hundreds of other vaccination victims developed Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing neuromuscular disorder.

This numerical imbalance is hardly an unfortunate accident. There are allegations (also see part two of the linked video) that the government knew of the vaccine’s side effects without warning people (would that really surprise anybody?). With today’s swine flu vaccines being "fast tracked" and rushed through development, one can only wonder the extent to which clinical trials and standard research are being performed.

And herein lies the main disadvantage of mixing politics and science. The majority of sane people laugh with derision and scorn at Al Gore for hyping the supposed problem of global warming, and then claiming that the science is sound and the debate is over. Likewise, his proposed solution to the alleged problem is touted as the path for mankind to take in order to prevent cataclysmic doom. Yet many of these people reverse course when current elected officials do the same thing: the pandemic threat is hyped with a regurgitating media; the vaccines are promoted as medical miracles; any dissenting or contradicting results are sidelined and suppressed; alternatives are threatened and outlawed; and every single person is encouraged or required to be injected.

Rushed medicine is not good medicine. Politicized medicine is worse. When the authoritative mantle of government is draped over half-hearted research, hurried medical concoctions, and questionable results, a complicit populace largely falls into line—to its own detriment. Truth be told, the government is very aware of the points being made here. In anticipation of the suffering and death that will be introduced by government-promoted swine flu vaccinations, and recalling the legal troubles resulting from the mess of ‘76, legal immunity has been granted to vaccine manufacturers. Free from the consequences of their actions, these companies are now even less inclined to ensure their products are not damaging to gullible, government guinea pigs—starting with 10,000 volunteers who are no doubt anxious to win a Darwin Award. Anticipatory immunity directly implies a knowledge that there will be negative side effects from the vaccine.

To stretch the short supply, it is highly likely that these vaccines will contain adjuvants—added elements to the vaccine that aim to stimulate the recipient’s immune system—such as squalene, a controversial and potentially damaging ingredient that increases the risk of contracting a disease or medical syndrome. Heaven only knows what other ingredients these politicized potions will include.

Untainted science can be a godsend, improving the health and knowledge of mankind. But when scientific research and decisions are directed, managed, and promoted by government, the results can be and often are destructive to life. Historical examples and current events, when coupled together, create a very strong case for refusing to participate in any vaccination scheme organized by the governments of the world. While others may choose to subject themselves to experimental, ill-researched injections, this author prefers to sit on the sidelines and practice alternative methods of maintaining a healthy life and lifestyle.


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