provident-livingProvident Living is a Web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that contains information regarding self-reliance, emergency preparedness, and humanitarian efforts. Resources range from calculators to help with family budgets and food storage to updates on ongoing global initiatives and emergency disaster response. Many of the welfare tools were designed for Church members, but much of the information is useful to the general public.

The guiding purpose of the site is to help people become self-reliant, care for the poor and needy, and encourage service to other. The Web site is intended to teach principles of welfare and to help visitors find opportunities to apply those principles in their lives and in the lives of others.  Visitors to the site can also get specific information about being self-reliant—a state in which families can care for themselves and then turn outwards to help others do the same.

Key content on the site

Let your family, friends, and ward members know about the resources at that can help your family use its resources wisely. For example, last Sunday, I prepared a financial preparedness handout for my ward and included a reference to the Provident Living Web site.

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