I'm going through a spell of not being able to decide what to write about on my blogs, but I don't want to stop posting. One thing that is of interest to a great many people is cooking. We have to feed our families and there are always social events that require a contribution from us. We don't want to serve the same things all the time.

It's easy enough to Google for recipes and cooking sites. In fact, I once wrote a post covering a number of the common ones with recipes of every type for every occasion. You may find several sites in that piece that would be of interest to you.

There are a couple of sites that I would like to link to here because they have lots of different kinds of recipes and cookbook reviews and are general very interesting. One is Simply Recipes and the other is 101 Cookbooks which features primarily vegetarian recipes. The variety and depth in these sites make them worth your time to see if you can find some things to add to your cooking repertoire.
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