When the announcement came that Carrie Prejean will KEEP her title as Miss California and be able to wear her crown with honor -- I couldn't believe that I found myself HAPPY about it. After all people, she posed partially nude! So I ask myself the question - WHY are we all cheering Donald Trump's decision?


Lets be real here. IF Carrie Prejean would NOT have stood up for traditional marriage in the way that she did at the Miss U.S.A. Pageant, most LDS members would likely be frowning right now - instead of finding ourselves as advocates for Carrie Prejean. At first glance, I'm not sure how I feel about myself right now, either? Some people might even accuse the religious right, for being moral hypocrites. That concerns me - a bit.

But, that is precisely WHY I am so proud of Carrie Prejean and will continue to advocate for her right to continue on as Miss California and proudly wear the crown that she WON! I updated my Facebook status this morning, right after I heard Carrie would keep her crown...

"Pleased to hear that Miss California will keep her crown, and NOT be penalized in public for her beliefs OR personal choices. I agree with the decision and why it was made -- otherwise, we would have been dealing with some major hypocrisy by our liberal media."

At a time, when the Mormon Church, more than ever before is going public about the value of VIRTUE - doesn't it seem timely that our opposition would throw out a wrench like this and perhaps think that we might be shamed into NOT supporting Carrie Prejean? Seems like a pretty good deterrent to me, to keep GOOD from prevailing and being defended.

Do I support Carrie Prejean in her decision to pose partially nude as a model?
Of course not. From what I gather, these were most likely regretfully done in her "youth" - as she did not disclose them to the pageant officials. That was one of the major complaints of pageant officials, as a reason to disqualify her. However, you and I both know that those photos of themselves, in today's world - would not have threatened Miss California's crown.

Carrie Prejean
was and is being targeted by the liberal left because of her position to defend traditional marriage; and do so on a NATIONAL level.

As members of the LDS Church, we are actively teaching the youth of the Church that in order to find happiness - they must commit to a virtuous life. We know what a difficult commitment this is, particularly in the world today. Right a long side of teaching virtue - we teach the the wonderful principle and doctrine of repentance.

Our adversary, would love nothing more than to take away the POWER of the rising generation through hopelessness, shame and the inability to DO RIGHT, because of a lack in perfection.

Carrie Prejean
, in a statement made directly following Donald Trump's VERY public announcement to over 100 reporters - and with her parents in the front row - humbly and in a heartfelt manner, THANKED GOD...

Carrie Prejean Responds To Nude Photographs Taken And Her Title As Miss California...

In my opinion, Carrie Prejean is just the type of Well Behaved Young Woman - that I would be proud to hold up to my own daughters, as an example of doing the right thing, against all odds!

Kathryn Skaggs

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P.S. For those who are STILL wanting to know if Carrie Prejean is a MORMON -- the answer is, NO:-)
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