Reo Garn has created several videos on YouTube that explain Mormon beliefs in a very simple, authentic way. In the sample video below, he explains why Mormons believe that all people have divine potential.

Reo started making these videos after observing the immense amount of anti-Mormon material on YouTube. He also noticed a few embarrassing attempts by some Mormons to argue and defend themselves. His general impression was that there was too much debate, and not enough actual understanding of the material itself. Knowing that many people are naturally curious about our religion, he made a goal to explain his faith in a simple, clear way so it could be understood and appreciated. Although doctrinal explanations can be found in church literature, he felt that initially people aren’t willing to study in depth to resolve religious misconceptions. People want a human with a warm smile to explain it to them.

Reo says that people have written him from all over the world (both thanking him and condemning him). A few have said they were going to return to church, others have said they wanted to be baptized, and others have just thanked him for speaking up. The most satisfying message he’s received says (paraphrased): “Thanks for your video. I have a friend who’s been asking about why we wear garments. I found your video, and thought it did a great job of explaining it. So I sent it to her, and she loved it.” Reo felt humbled and grateful that his videos were being used in the exact way that he intended them to be used.

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