On occasion, our voices are not only heard, but we get to know about it. Apparently, I happen to be among a group of LDS members who commented about a picture that was posted by The Salt Lake Tribune, that I felt was very offensive. I would have expected it by any other major news outlet, but I felt that the Stribe, would have shown some respect, considering their readership.

But no, it seems that they took the opportunity to jump on the sensationalism bandwagon, with the rest of the media.

Although there were already plenty of comments that had been made on the particular story,(which I did not take the time to read) I still felt that I had to say something, about THAT photo! Here's my comment...

"As much as I appreciate the information about the "appalling" episode that HBO will be airing - I am just as offended that YOU have printed a picture that attempts to depict the temple ceremony and clothing -- provided by HBO.

I guess I question your joining in on the sensationalism of this story.

Bad form."

Well, I just caught wind, that there were many more, who felt similar feelings about the use of that same publicity photo, provided my HBO. The Tribune, obviously heard our voices, and in today's paper - they have responded to their readers.

Reader Advocate: 'Big Love' photo draws big criticism - Salt Lake Tribune:

"I talked to many faithful LDS Church members this week after a story about 'Big Love,' HBO's polygamy drama, appeared in The Tribune alongside a photo of one of the characters wearing temple clothing known only to devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Trust me, Pandora's box is ajar and the bad feelings are in the ether.

This comment from a reader politely sums up the storm of comment:

'I am a member of the LDS Church and a daily subscriber to the Salt Lake Tribune . I was very disturbed that the Salt Lake Tribune would publish the image of a woman wearing full LDS Temple robes along with an article about the show 'Big Love.'

'It is the picture that has particularly upset me. Although at times I value the voice I get from the Tribune on various topics, I am discussing the value of our subscription with my wife and will likely be canceling our subscription over this article.

'You have gone too far. You have crossed the line by showing something so sacred to so many of your constituents."

You might be interested to know, that The Salt Lake Tribune, did remove the offensive photo, and replaced it with the one that I have used, here. (above) This is just another simple example, about how important it is, that we as LDS members continue to Stand for what we believe - having confidence that if we do so, our voices will be heard.

Do we really think, that we are EVER - the only one that feels a certain way?

Kathryn Skaggs

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