Who’s using Facebook?

Inside Facebook, an independent blog that reports on the Facebook platform, found that the faces on Facebook are looking older these days. 45% of the social network’s US users are ages 26+ and nearly 25% are over 34. In fact, women 55+ are the fastest-growing demographic group on Facebook. The number of women 55+ on Facebook grew over 175% since the end of September 2008, compared with a growth of 138% in men 55+.

How often do people use social networks?

Older adults don’t visit Facebook as often as 20-somethings who have been on the site since their college days. In the chart below from the  JPMorgan 2008 Consumer Survey, you’ll see that the percent who log in at least daily (red bars) diminishes with age, from 34% for 18-33-year-olds to only 5% for those 50+.


What do people do on social networks?

The Pew Internet & American Life Project “Tracking Survey” found that 89% of adult users logged on to social networks to stay in touch with friends, 57% to make plans with friends and 49% to make new friends. “Friends” is the overriding theme.


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