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No longer is it possible to think of Salt Lake City, Utah without connecting it to Idol runner-up, and Mormon -- David Archuleta. No question that American Idol hit the jackpot in the city last year, so of course, they were hoping to strike it rich again!

And lets not forget our beloved Mormon girl, Brook White, who stole all of our LDS hearts, with her fresh face, and genuine personality!

As many of you know, I covered both of these Mormons, who were American Idol Contestants, extensively over on Hubpages. So, will this Well-Behaved Mormon Woman do it again, IF a Mormon goes and makes a splash once again on American Idol Season 8?

Lets see...

The SLC episode of American Idol 8 opened with David Osmond, 19, yes one of the famous Osmonds, who lives in Utah. He’s a good-looking, clean cut guy with a bit of his own sad story. Despite belonging to a famous family, Osmond’s life isn’t all sunshine. He, like his father, suffers from the very debilitating disease MS. You’d never know it to see him at his audition, however. Osmond has a nice voice, if his song was a bit over-done. Paula Abdul advised him to “start thinking of yourself as one solo artist.” Osmond emerged from the audition room with golden ticket in hand.

Well, Salt Lake City definitely made an impression on the American Idol Judges. In fact, there were quite a few residents that snatched a Golden Ticket! A lot of people are already wanting to know, which of them, are Mormon?

Although there was and is, some great talent that made it through to Hollywood, I've decided on the ONE that I am going to keep my eye on, for right now:-)

Taylor Vaifanua, 16, is from Utah also. (pictured above) She’s also extremely tall and gorgeous - if she’d been born in LA, she’d already be modeling full time. She belted out “Joyful, Joyful” in a gorgeous voice.

Good luck to all the contestants on American Idol Season 8. It looks like we are in for another amazing season!

Tell me YOU think?


Well, I did it... I wrote a complete Hub about Taylor Vaifanua over on Hubpages. I decided to put on my detective hat, to find out EVERYTHING I could, about this up and coming American Idol starlet!

American Idol Season 8 Taylor Vaifanua - Mormon Sensation!

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