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To my “representatives”:

I wrap that word in quotes because I’m not so sure that you actually represent me. Theoretically you do, since I live in some pre-defined boundaries to which you pertain, and because you convinced my neighbors that you’d be a good fit for office. But in my mind, representation transcends geography and popularity; to truly represent me, you need to understand me.

Given your actions of late, you apparently don’t understand me or the majority of my neighbors. We’ve called you and made our voices heard (or so your aide told us). We’ve written letters, only to receive canned replies. We’ve written letters to the editor, attended political action meetings, and brainstormed ideas to actually get through to you.

But you still don’t listen. Polls clearly show what we’re thinking, and yet you write us off as uninformed on the issue at hand. You vote for larger government, more debt, an expanding empire, and less liberty. And then when the election draws near, you campaign on principles that you’ve ignored during your entire tenure. Your name recognition and large war chest help you smash the opposition, and you retain your power—growing more and more distant from those whom you claim to represent.

Well, you don’t represent me. I stand for limited government, and while you claim on your website to do the same, you continually vote for programs and departments that have no constitutional origin. I stand for individual and state sovereignty, and yet you let the federal government reach into my state and my life, this despite the ninth and tenth amendments that clearly forbid the action. I stand for honest money and frugality, and you mire us further into debt at an astronomical pace. I stand for integrity and morality, and your votes betray these ideals you champion during the campaign.

You need to understand that we’re approaching a breaking point. Riots are going on throughout the world over some of the problems other governments are facing. So far, my fellow Americans have remained largely placated through their television set. But they’re waking up. They’re seeing the massive theft going on in government, and they’re losing trust in you. The collective blood temperature of your constituents is growing closer to the boiling point. When we reach that threshold, there will be hell to pay. And that’s when you lose your job.

Without truly representing me, you’re just a leech. You grow fat and full of power because of my productive labors, and yet you continually bind me down with unconscionable laws and regulations. Voting to expand the system that pays your wages, you ignore your constituents that gave you the opportunity to be there in the first place.

Your days are numbered. We don’t trust you anymore. If you have any desire of keeping your job, then it’s time to start really representing those of us who would like to see America remain intact for our posterity’s sake.

Should you continue your current course, then I and others like me will work relentlessly to ensure you lose your next election. Your political future rests on your voting record. It’s up to you to determine what happens next. Do what’s right and you’ll be rewarded; keep up what you’ve been doing recently, and you’re going home. You’ve been warned.

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