I am always interested in learning. There are an endless number of subjects that we can study. Many people don't have time or money for more formal education, but there are so many options available to us, wherever we live and whatever our circumstances are, that we can always be learning.

Twenty-eight years ago, there was an article printed in the December 1980 Ensign called "Education Without a Classroom" by Pam Bookstaber. The article covers a wide number of options for continuing your education. When you add in the internet today, you have even more options available. I would encourage you to read the article and see if you don't find some ideas you would like to put to use in your own life.

One thing I thought was good was an exchange of teaching--you give someone lessons in your specialty in exchange for them giving you lessons in their specialty. It can be an exchange of language lessons, hobby/skill lessons, or anything else that appeals to you.

Pam Bookstaber closes with these thoughts:
Of course, secular study should always be balanced by a study of the scriptures. The scriptures not only provide a solid base from which we can approach our study of the world, they also contain some valuable insights without which our education would be incomplete. In fact, a true understanding of the universe and our place in it is impossible without a good understanding of the doctrines found in the standard works.

Church leaders have suggested many ways to study the scriptures: book by book from beginning to end or researching by topic. As you study the scriptures, keep in mind the excellent gospel instruction available in Church lesson manuals, from Church schools, and in many LDS books written on gospel subjects.

Our Heavenly Father has blessed us with the resources we need to continue learning all our lives. He has given us brains with infinite capacity, a world too complex to ever bore us, the freedom to pursue our own interests, and the ability to structure our own time. All we need to do is take advantage of the possibilities that daily surround us.
No matter what your interests are, no matter what you would like to learn, there are ways you can incorporate such learning into your life. It will add a new dimension to you.
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