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Each year, creative marketers brainstorm various methods they can use to convince people to buy their latest gadgets, apparel, and miscellaneous merchandise during the holiday season. With new movies, new versions of software, updated electronic gadgets, and the latest fashions all vying for our attention, there comes (at least for some) a saturation point at which one says “enough is enough”. Hitting this wall and not desiring any more “stuff”, those desirous to continue giving gifts to such people are left perplexed, wondering “what do you get for the person who has everything?”

Suggestions abound and usually lead to the acquisition of some niche item not before seen, or some kind gesture of affection, or to the generic offering of a gift certificate. But while almost any gift conveys a message of friendship and love, the constant exchange of tangible items should lead us to ponder if the person who “has everything” truly does have all he needs.

It is at this juncture in life that it becomes important to determine how much importance we are placing on the supreme gift—that of God’s Son in atonement for our sins. Regardless of how much clutter we may accumulate over the years, the treasure that “moth nor rust doth corrupt” has always been and will always be the perfect gift to receive and use.

Elder Maxwell perhaps said it best:

God’s gifts, unlike seasonal gifts, are eternal and unperishable, constituting a continuing Christmas which is never over! These infinite gifts are made possible by the infinite atonement. (Neal A. Maxwell, via Quoty)

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