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A “fiscal emergency” has been declared by the Governator, throwing light on economic panic in a mismanaged state. Suddenly California finds itself in the hole to the tune of $11 billion.

But the Golden State is not alone in its financial crunch, being joined by nearly every other state in the Union during what has now been “officially” recognized as a recession.

Unfortunately for all of the governors, they lack possession of a key resource that has become the crutch of reckless spending and ballooning government at the federal level: the money tree. Unlike Congress, state legislatures are forced to walk a delicate balance between direct taxation and their mandated expenditures and pet projects. Without the ability to create their own money and tax citizens through a hidden inflation tax, they (usually) must restrain themselves lest their constituents revolt and boot them out of office.

But never fear, America! The Obamessiah is here to not only pay your mortgage, but also to balance the budgets of sovereign states through a federally-created infusion of newly-printed cash!

One might expect a partisan division from such a policy declaration, with Republicans (once the small-government, budget-balancing folk) castigating the President-elect for intervening in state affairs in such a way. Instead, we are witness to the homage and adoration paid by once-enemies-now-disciples such as Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, who referred to Obama’s proposal as a “refreshing sense of collaboration“. Turns out it’s easy to buy friendship, cooperation, and agreement with money… who knew?

Obama and his team of “change” are ready and willing to harvest their ever-bearing federal money tree to subsidize the expansion of state government. This effect will be an echo of what Americans have witnessed at a federal level—namely, the lack of fiscal restraint, the funding of unnecessary (and usually un-Constitutional) programs, the increased inflationary burden upon every citizen, and the continual justification spewing forth from elected sycophants.

State-level politicians have long abided by the pearl of wisdom taught them by their mothers: “money doesn’t grow on trees”. With Obama’s help, they are now disbelieving this fundamental truism and extending their pockets for a handout. America, be warned: mo’ money, mo’ problems.

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