LA Photographer T.J. Sullivan documents the Nov. 6 protest march against the Latter-day Saints at the LA Temple for the Church's support of Proposition 8. The protesters descended on the LDS Temple to remind folks how democracy works and how important it is to avoid hate even when people you disagree with win. Or maybe I'm thinking of a different episode - sorry if I'm confused again. Hat tip to Connor Boyack, whose blog offers several videos about the protest.

By the way, those Temple gates don't look strong enough to keep out a mob if they wanted to get it. Reinforcements needed for future controversies? Update: For a report on vandalism against the Church by the forces of love, see BeetleBabee.

To those who are confused by the signs littering the Temple fence and wondering if spending money to support Proposition 8 really is the same as "buying hate," here's a useful video explaining what Proposition 8 was about. Hat tip to the Findelmeyer Proposition.

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