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Speaking on the Glenn Beck radio program this morning, Senator Orrin Hatch began by highlighting what he sees as “really, really outrageous legislation”: the card-check bill—a dishonest method for unionizing labor workers.

Ah, the Republic is crumbling around us!

Later in the conversation, Hatch agrees with his host that the Constitution is hanging by a thread:

You got that right. And I tell you what is really fearful to me besides — there are so many issues but I’ve mentioned card check. What’s fearful to me is the makeup of the United States Supreme Court. Obama has said that he’s going to appoint people who are more concerned about the poor and those who don’t have a lot of wealth. Well, that’s not what the Supreme Court should be doing. It should be concerned about the poor, the wealthy, everybody. It should be concerned about obeying the law and enforcing the laws of the Constitution.

Here we see Hatch shifting attention and blame: instead of discussing his own votes and their constitutionality, he points the finger at the judiciary—the weakest branch of government—and inflates the threat they can be to the Constitution.

This from the politician who voted for the recent bailout, ignores the Constitution when it suits him, misapplies the directives when his party stands to benefit, and apologizes for anything leaders of his party do.

The list goes on: Senator Hatch has received a pitiful score of 36% on The New American’s “Freedom Index”. Few things the man does are in harmony with the document he claims to revere and obey.

But the Senator is correct: the Constitution is hanging by the thinnest of threads, ready at any moment to snap. What Senator Hatch failed to admit, however, and what Glenn Beck failed to point out to his listeners, is that Senator Orrin Hatch is one of the main proponents of pushing the Constitution towards historical oblivion. While speaking platitudes of praise, Hatch turns around and votes however he (and his party) pleases, the Constitution be damned.

Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing—Hatch calls issues like unionization “really outrageous legislation”, shifts blame and attention to the other branches of government, and admits a problem while not taking accountability. Perhaps it’s time to find a sponsor for those billboards after all…

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