Back in July, I blogged about Animations from the Old Testament, By Kids for Kids.

Today, I learned about BoMToons (pronounced “boom-toons”),  a site created by some BYU students with cartoons and games about the Book of Mormon.

Some of the games involve battling Mormon characters and others are word games. You can even race your missionary companion on a bike. The site gets about 900 visitors a day and includes some interesting guest features submitted by users. The cartoons remind me of the HomestarRunner cartoons that are so popular among teenagers nowadays.

How helpful do you think sites like this are to parents? Are these good, Sunday activities for kids or do they encourage more mindless time on the Internet? What suggestions do you have for creators of this type of content?

What do you think is the role of the Church in creating games and activities like this? The online Friend magazine has begun to provide coloring pages, videos, and activities. Would you like to see more of this? What suggestions do you have to make it more effective?

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