In my earlier years, I used to get a kick from "found poetry" - prose from mundane sources like instruction manuals not meant to be particularly literary which sometimes accidentally conveys poetic content. Here is one candidate I just ran into. It comes from the abstract of Korean patent (KR20050079263A) that I found today using a professional patent search tool for my day job. This is the abstract they provided, which was translated with the help of a machine. I've reformatted it slightly, added italics in two places and left out a few parts, including four words that could not be translated.

Read this out loud, softly, in candle light. It's hard to find poetry more moving than this - and it was created by accident.
"Chinese medicine herb medicine remanufactures (the ginseng, the sugar ear and the calamus, the territory, the ramie)"

The invention which it sees
as regarding the hair cosmetics composition
to the place where it recovers the hair
which is damaged the plow and tree,
the distant, the various branch
compounding effect of Fiji control,
the clause germ and the clause sal back the hair
cosmetics of necessary one existing most like this . . .

it cannot be satisfied
it could not on a large scale
the place where it improves two blood.

The invention which it sees
the extract to the back which is a pin,
a propylene writing call and a vegetability pro reel
and the reel Oh the mountain
cetane will come. . . .

The interface activator and the floating green onion
Chinese medicine herb medicine remanufacture
(the ginseng, the sugar ear and the calamus, the territory, the ramie)
it contains it manufactures
with in two blood and the hair line promotion,
dandruff removal, the plow and tree
to bring the distant effective back,
when specially applying in two blood
which feel a hair cosmetics use hour stimulus,
the maximum it relaxes the magnetic pole. . . .

The dry hair which splits well, and shampoo hour
the keratin happens easily
and only Chinese medicine herb medicine remanufacture
being unique in the hair where the dandruff gets,
the nutrition which is abundant about under giving
in order it is moist healthy and to give
with one head wave splashing over splashing over,
it is one thing.
A reminder that poetry can happen by accident, as can, for example, chiasmus (a topic of interest to Book of Mormon fans). But the link between meaning and poetical devices in random poetry often leaves much to be desired, in contrast to what has been crafted deliberately, by the hand of an artist. Given that, I still really like this Korean machine-assisted poem, especially the closing lines and the part about the floating green onion. What dreams I will have tonight!

With one head wave splashing over splashing over,
it is one thing.

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