As members of the Church, and to those particularly living in California - we have been called to ACTION! We have been invited by those who hold priesthood keys, to "do all that *we* can" - to help pass Proposition 8. A YES on 8 vote, will amend the state constitution, where only marriage between a man and a woman would be recognized, and legal in California. To those of us who understand that marriage is one of the core doctrines, of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - this seems imperative; if the Gospel is to roll forth, as anticipated...

However, we also know that evil will increase in the last days. As many of us, both in and outside of California, are working very hard to do what we have been asked; and because we are compelled to do so... the "What if" question, looms in the background.

What if Proposition 8 does NOT pass?

I'm not really talking about what will happen in our school systems, and I'm not talking about an elevation in religious persecutions, etc... I am talking about our FAITH and determination, to continue to do all that we can, to help the Kingdom roll forth...

With election day less than two weeks away, I am finding myself experiencing feelings, that seem *almost* melancholy-like. Very hard to pin-point actually. I don't believe that these feelings are based in fear, but perhaps in more of the unknown - uncertainties.

One part of me, tells myself that if those with "priesthood keys" have called us to action, then we can bind the Lord, and win this thing. My other voice, is gently whispering to me - that this is a test, regardless of outcome; it is all part of His Plan. In my reality - I believe both are true.

I have expressed in previous posts, that fighting this current battle - gives one feelings of pre-mortal deja vu. I am confident that we have had much practice on this very same spiritual battlefield, thus a major reason we are placed here upon the earth, now. We were sent to be victorious... of this, I have no doubt.

I suppose the thoughts that linger in the recesses of my mind, are more akin to "how long"? How long will we fight this battle, before we have ultimate victory? Silly question, eh? We all know when that final verdict will be. But how rocky will our path become? How dense and thick will the fog to find truth, become? Instead of our being a light on a hill, are we going to need fog-lights to find and lead the way? I think that just might be the case... A fog light on a hill! I think some would describe that, as a lighthouse.

Which leads to another question... How bad? Yes, I believe that this - really is the question that many of the faithful, are most likely asking ourselves; in the midst of this current fog that has settled over the earth.

How bad will this world become, of which we have been called to be a light, even a Lighthouse? I love the doctrine of opposition. I believe that it is in the very darkest places of our lives, that we are most drawn to LIGHT.

I just pray that those of the faithful, will remain, come what may... so that others can find the LIGHT, too.

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