Ever since FAIR published an introductory review concerning Rod Meldrum’s presentations and DVD, various members of FAIR have been vilified by him for shining some light on what he was doing. On Rod Meldrum’s blog he wrote this:

…FAIR has claimed that I have said or ‘implied’ that I think I have received revelation from God for the church. That is a blatant untruth that they have been propogating without a shred of evidence, because none exists. I have never thought, claimed, nor said that I have ever received revelation for the church. Ever. They intercepted an email where in I said that I felt that I had had some prayers answered, and they have tried to make that into ‘getting revelation directly from God for the church’. That is their FAIRytale. That is the problem with their attacks, they claim things that are absolutely untrue in order to castigate my character.

Because Rodney blocks me from his blog, using a pseudonym I posted the entirety of the email that Rodney inaccurately claims was intercepted by FAIR. (It was actually sent to a FAIR member by someone to whom Rodney sent it, who was concerned about what Rodney was saying.) I wanted readers to have the full information so they could judge the accuracy of Rodney’s allegations for themselves. Rodney refused to publish it.

I am now submitting, here, where Rodney cannot censor it, the entire Rodney Meldrum email of May 9, 2008, without any alteration except for the bolding of a few key phrases. No editing has been done to the original wording. Unequivocal legal opinions have been obtained assuring everyone that publication of this email is not a violation of copyright, nor of privacy, contrary to claims by Rodney Meldrum.

In the denials that Rodney addresses to those who have not seen his emails, he typically adds qualifiers such as “for the church” (as in “I am not attempting to speak for the church”). Because the words “for the church” do not appear in the email and in other evidence FAIR has collected, Rodney claims that he is thus being truthful in his denials. The transparency of that excuse will be obvious, however, because any Latter-day Saint will recognize the phraseology in the email, and in the other evidence FAIR has, as claims to divine guidance and other intervention validating his work. For example, he says that having “prayed about a name for this organization” that “the name that was received…” Well, Rodney, received from whom? No Latter-day Saint will miss his intent: He prayed, the name was “received.” We all know the language of purported revelation.

Readers will see at once why Rodney blocked the submission to his blog.

Any reader who has believed Rodney Meldrum’s denials to revelatory guidance will, I trust, having seen this, now ask him at least these questions:

1. Why did he block the posting of this email to his blog?

2. How, in truth, can he allege that FAIR has been stating “blatent” untruths, without a shred of evidence, and why he has denied any claim to revelation and divine intervention for his work?

3. How, given nothing more than one can read in this email, he expects anyone to accept that he does not purport to have the revelation and blessing of God for his work?

4. Does he agree that FAIR may publish the other evidence it has that he claims a calling by God to do what he is doing?

Rodney often states that the “truth will out.” Well, here is the truth, and it is out. Shall FAIR publish the rest of the truth on this issue, also, Rodney?

Date: May 9, 2008 4:35:39 PM MDT
To: “rodneymeldrum@hotmail.com”
Subject: Update, and request to serve on the FIRM FOUNDATION Counsel?

Hello dear friends,

There is so much to share with you about the progress of the DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon project. My heart is full to overflowing from the tender mercies and blessings of the Lord for the overwhelming response now coming from all around the country through this project.

I am deeply humbled by the opportunities that this has opened to have the privilege of assocation with wonderful stalwarts in the gospel such as yourself. I hope you feel as I do that we are all engaged in saving souls and spreading the good news of the gospel with all those around us.


Many people have asked ‘What does FARMS think of your research’ and my response is that I have not heard anything at all from them, but after much prayer, I know that we are not to attempt to ’convert’ FARMS, but rather to establish a new organization of those espousing a North American Book of Mormon setting that ‘competes’ in the realm of ideas with FARMS. I have pondered and prayed about a name for this organization and the name that was received is ‘Foundation for Indigenous Research and Mormonism’ and it will be called ‘The FIRM Foundation’.

Within 48 hours the Lord provided the answer to how this was to be accomplished. While talking with a brother from Washington state, I told him of the name idea and he thought it was terrific, and then said ‘I’ll take care of it for you.’ When I asked what he meant he then told me that he is semi-retired now, but for 45 years had been a trademark and patent attorney and had set up many foundations, and that he would do it to help the project move forward! What a tremendous blessing!

Ancient Historical Research Foundation

Brother Shawn Davies, president of the Ancient Historical Research Foundation, reviewed the DVD and then we met at my home. He explained the objectives of the foundation, to retain and protect ancient North American artifacts, and to do research and provide scientific verification relating to their authenticity. They have had many people contact them about donating artifacts and they made contact with the University of Michigan about the possibility of obtaining the Milton R. Hunter collection for display. They agreed upon verification that the artifacts would be held in a ’secure’ location, such as a museum. Shawn said that they would like to build the museum in the next 5-7 years. Within 48 hours again the Lord provided another ‘miracle’ as I was talking to Val Killian, world-renowned architect who told me he was working with a group who are building a Conference Center in Nauvoo! He then told me about the 600 seat auditorium, the meeting rooms, the 110 family suites, and….the MUSEUM! I asked him ‘What were you planning to put into your museum?’ and he said…after a short pause…. ‘Your stuff!’.

I responded ‘But, Val, I don’t have any ’stuff’.

Then I told him of the conversation between Shawn and I and then he said that they were wondering what to do with all the empty space in the basement of the facility. Right then he was prompted and he said ‘We can make it into a research lab/facility to study these artifacts!’ So the Lord is watching out for this project!

Interact Medical and time constraints

Because of the strain of trying to work a full time job with Interact Medical, continue to do this project, be YM’s President, as well as husband and father to 4 teenaged children, I have been going on a sever lack of sleep which has been taking its toll on my health and ‘well-being’. With all the upcoming presentations scheduled, I knew that I was going to be shortly out of vacation time to go and do them. I also know that it is important to get the book project done, and after fasting and praying about it with my family, and after reading my patriarchal blessing, I asked each of my children and sweetheart what I should do about it, and the clear answer was ‘Dad, you know what you need to do!’ It was clear that I was going to have to leave interact to work on these projects full time, but I wanted more of a ’sign’ from the Lord. So I had three big projects about to close with Interact Medical, and I told the Lord that if he wants me to make this project my #1 priority to please cause that none of these jobs go through, but that if I was to stay with Interact to let at least one come in. I said this a little ‘tongue in cheek’, however, because one of the jobs I had already received an email to expect the Purchase Order in the next day or two. Well, within three days all three of the jobs were either terminated by the client, lost to another company, or delayed until next year! So on Monday, April 21st, I put in my two weeks notice and began my new life working full-time on this project on Monday this week!

It was a huge decision and so I asked my dear friend Hartman Rector Jr. if he would give my wife and I a special blessing.

Special Blessing from Elder Hartman Rector Jr.

Tonya and I had the most incredible and special experience as we met with Hartman and Connie in their peaceful home. After talking for some time, and updating him on all the latest developments, he and Brother Ron Rowen gave us the most incredible blessing imaginable.

They were incredibly powerful and caused both Tonya and I to no longer doubt the validity of work in which we are engaged. The only thing I can share from the blessings is that the overall understanding is that this information will go out to “millions” who will be touched by the work, and that this will “embolden” the saints to open their mouths and declare anew the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ so that millions will find and enter his kingdom! The spirit was overwhelmingly wonderful and we felt so blessed to have that privilege.

Cedar Fort Publishing offers to make DNA ‘Inspire-Side’ DVD

Lyle Mortimer, President of Cedar Fort Publishing in Springville, contacted me about the possibility of producing an ‘Inspire-Side’ documentary on the DNA Evidence research. He was very nice and cordial and we discussed the project at some length. It may be a huge opportunity to get this information out and I have been doing some research and have arguments both pro and con doing this project.

I met with Lyle and Jeffrey Marsh (a professor of religion at BYU) today for lunch and they again reiterated their desire to put together a wonderful DVD documentary.

FIRM Foundation Counsel

I’d like input and counsel on this and many other items of importance to this project, and that is why I am calling on each of you receiving this email to help in this process.

I would appreciate your input and help in coming up with some good suggestions about how to more properly move forward.

I have arranged to use a room at Grandview Elementary School on to dates. See this link for a map to the school.


Tomorrow morning, May 10th, at 9:00 am and Thursday evening May 15th at 7:00 pm.

If you could possibly make it one of the other of these time frames it would be very much appreciated.
Address of the school is 1591 North Jordan Avenue. Call Rod at 801-473-3111 for any other questions.

THANK YOU for all you are doing in forwarding this work. It is hoped that this group will form the nucleus for the organization that will be responsible for turning the tide of anti-Mormon falsehoods and re-establishing Joseph Smith as the preeminent scholar on the subject of Book of Mormon geography and reinforcing it as the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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