Some of you wonder why I would deviate from my normal LDS religious discussions to deal with something so secular as the 700 billion bailout. Basically, it's because LDS religion and Christianity in general need political freedom to survive. They are highly vulnerable when states move toward socialism and its ultimate fruit, totalitarian government. The so-called bailout is express-track socialism, very similar to the failed National Socialism that Germany tried, with an increasingly powerful government working with big business. It's redistribution of massive amounts of wealth - mostly your wealth to the few big boys on Wall Street who are "too important to fail" or rather, too important to face the consequences of their mismanagement and fraud. But it's not just money they are asking for, it's massive power. Power into the hands of the people that created the mess so they can now "regulate" financial markets and ensure confidence. So we let them get away with this, open the flood gates for a power grab and wealth grab unprecedented in history, and we'll be creating a pathway for floods of new debt and corruption to erode the foundations of our economy and liberty.

When we are all poor and utterly dependent on Big Brother for our weekly rations in a Marxist dream state, the power to control our property will also become the power to control our thinking and how we raise our kids. We can't trust these guys with our money - how can we trust them with the minds of our children?

In the end, the sacrifice of personal liberty on the altar of Wall Street greed is less about bail than it is about Baal.

Ultimate power: I say we keep it in the hands of the people, not Wall Street. If you agree, call your officials in Washington today and tell them to reject the bailout. To reach the House or Senate, call 202 225-3121. Your voice matters.

On the other hand, if you think a few wealthy dudes on Wall Street can be trusted with a $700 billion credit card, allowing them to give money to China or almost anyone else with almost no oversight, then go ahead and call, too. Just be sure to use this special phone number for supporters of the bailout: 202 225-312. It may take a while to get through, so be patient. Very patient.
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