Have you met my parents? They're great LDS people, fine Christians, and, based on the imperfections of their eldest son (yours truly), utter hypocrites. At least that's how the media would treat my Mom if she were running for office. If the poor choices of children make loving parents hypocrites, then I have to apologize for that hypocritical mother of mine.

I've been amazed to hear college graduates and intelligent people simply repeat the rantings of the "stone her" crowd who call a woman a hypocrite because her daughter is pregnant. Hello?

It's one thing to call a Christian a hypocrite when they are flagrantly violating their own religion by, for example, cheating on their spouse. But to call someone a hypocrite because a child erred? I think the real issue here is that a panicking abortion industry and its cronies detest the powerful pro-life statement made by a woman who would shun abortion and instead celebrate the humanity of a handicapped child by welcoming him into her life and support a daughter in respecting the sanctity of unborn life, no matter how embarrassing and inconvenient.

Forget the ugliness of politics: it's time for all of us to speak up for the beauty and divinity of life. The slaughter of the unborn for personal convenience must cease.

I marvel at the vulgar incivility of some members of the media, vitriolic forces steeped in partisan politics who proclaim that they are the arbiters of fairness and truth. These are troubling times. The partisanship is so blatant, a child can see it - but the educated elitists among us cannot.
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