Late in June of this year, FAIR posted an initial review of Rodney Meldrum’s DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography. At the time, there were several folks who indicated that they were looking forward to the promised analysis of the DVD’s use of research and scholarship.

I’m pleased to report that FAIR has published the first three reviews, as promised, this morning. (We’re sorry they took so long; we hope you won’t be displeased at the results so far.) Posted on the FAIR website are reviews dealing with DNA Evidence, Geography, and Joseph Smith. All three of these reviews correspond with sections in the DVD DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography. The reviews in various forms–along with an explanation of why these reviews have been done–can be found at this single page.

During the past two months, working with other FAIR volunteers on these reviews, I’ve been quite interested in the responses that some people have made to our introductory review. A good number of people were appreciative; some others took the approach denouncing the review as consisting of “blatant and inflammatory lies,” “conjecture,” “innuendo,” and amounting to little more than “character assassination.”

For those who think it not appropriate to look a the manner in which information is presented (as was done in the introductory review), perhaps you will be more satisfied with the examination of the research and scholarship in these latest reviews.

For my part, regardless of whether you look at the presentation techniques or the content delivered by those techniques, there is little to recommend in DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography.


PS: Why did I name this post “Examining the Secular Side?” Because of my belief that some topics tangentially related to the LDS faith (such as DNA, geography, and what Joseph Smith may have known or not known) are essentially secular in nature. They deal with science and history, two disciplines distinct from theology.

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