I’m not much of a gardener, but after years of thinking about it, this year I actually planted something- a few tomato plants.  It is a little embarrassing to include a picture of my little garden, but here it is anyway:

My two biggest mistakes were 1) planting too close together, and 2) not using some type of cage to support the plants as they grew and to encourage upward growth.  As a result, my plants are rather short and squatty.  The vines with lots of fruit droop to the ground.  I’ll definitely make some adjustments next year, and I’ll probably try some other produce- maybe some peppers, carrots, or cucumbers.

Though it isn’t much to look at, I love that I am producing something.  It’s a great feeling to nourish something and to see it grow and flourish (I use that rather loosely considering mine isn’t really an ideal garden).  It’s wonderful to see ripe, delicious fruit as a result of one’s labor.  It’s fun to be able to eat some tasty, freshly picked tomatoes and to be able to share them with neighbors and coworkers.

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