This is the eighth of a weekly series of public forums on TMB. Watch for a new round every Monday. The schedule and comment policy are available here.

Last week we had another excellent discussion, regarding abortion.

I hope for the same with this week’s unique topic: Relationship with LDS Church.

I’ll leave this pretty open, but some things to consider:

  • How do the candidates compare regarding their past relationship with the LDS Church? Things they have said and done? Relationships and interactions with Church leaders and prominent Church members?
  • Are there important issues regarding Obama’s and McCain’s religious beliefs that might be important here?
  • What might a McCain or Obama administration mean, if anything, for the growth and public relations of the Church, both at home and abroad?
  • And does this even matter? Does the President’s relationship with the Church matter all that much?

One important resource regarding these questions might be Michael K. Winder’s 2007 book, Presidents and Prophets (which I have not read).

I look forward once again to a lively and respectful discussion.

Next week: Healthcare.

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