Ever had grits for breakfast? When I'm in the South, I love having them. You might be surprised to learn that I had Grits for Breakfast tonight, and while they were free, I enjoyed them so much that I did something I rarely do when eating at home: left a PayPal tip. And I suggest that you try Grits for Breakfast too - and you can do it anywhere, right from your laptop, thanks to Scott Henson, a former journalist turned opposition researcher/political consultant, public policy researcher and blogger.

With his ACLU background, and me being rather conservative and Libertarian, I bet we'd disagree on a let of issues, but I'm mighty proud of Scott's patriotic and eloquent stance in speaking up for the rights of people with whom he vehemently disagrees. He's doing an amazing job of documenting the travesty in Texas as heavy-handed CPS officials endanger the welfare of hundreds of small children who had the misfortune of living in the FLDS community. One of the best blogs I've seen covering that topic. And some other interesting material as well.

God bless you, Scott Henson.
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