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Apparently the Ensign committed a microaggressive act of triggering rape culture . It published an article about chastity. Happy marriages and eternal life, it seems, are more evil than you thought.

Trigger warning: acts of microaggression to follow.

Rape culture, like racism and social justice, is a phrase that could mean something serious in theory but in practice just means that the Left doesn’t like you. The “rape culture” smear is like the old blood libel against the Jews, or like the new blood libel that’s brought up against family people whenever a teenage suicide happens to involve a gay kid, or against gunowners whenever somebody kills somebody using a gun. The libel works on the inherently associative properties of the human heart.

Whether there is any reasonable or rational connection, only a strong effort of will and concentrated thought can disassociate an emotional connection once it’s been made, even if the only connection that actually exists is simply to mention two things in close proximity, as Scott Adams discovered in his nun joke controversy and in the Jesus-healed-a-football controversy. The emotional connection is stronger if there is actually some kind of link in the style of sympathetic magic, like a voodoo doll that’s painted to look like the victim. So a democratic politician gets shot in Arizona, and Sarah Palin once said that democratic politicians in Arizona should be targeted for defeat, and since the words target and Arizona and democratic politician are found in both sets of stories, they are the same story; and even though you aren’t crazy, just having read those words all in conjunction you, right now, you find yourself suspecting that Palin must have been responsible for some kind of shoot-Democrats-in-Arizona culture that “fostered a climate of violence.” Even though the notion is crazy.

Same with Elder Callister. Elder Callister talked about sex. Rape includes sex. Therefore Elder Callister = rape.

The Left can’t handle goodness and righteousness, because that destroys its narrative of equality. It also can’t handle evil, because that destroys its narrative of fundamental goodness and its core utopian hope.

The Left’s structural response is to blame evil on good. Rape is an extreme form of sexual immorality. If only conservatives would stop preaching sexual morality, there would be no sexual immorality. If no sexual immorality, then no rape! Therefore chastity = rape. And in a way, the Left is right. If there’s no good, there’s no evil. This is the original deal that Satan offered in council in heaven (not the plan of forced righteousness that we usually assume).

I am only surprised that the Left is so moderate. Why stop at rape? Sex can lead to babies. In some sense, traditional morality even thinks sex ought to lead to babies. The process of being born is tortuous. Elder Callister promotes baby torture culture. Nuclear bombs are explosive and transformative. Sex is explosive and transformative. Plus the nuclear family, right?* Elder Callister fosters a climate of atomic holocaust.

But why let Elder Callister have all the fun?

Adultery is evil.
Fornication is wrong.
Pornography is damaging.
Don’t masturbate.

Duck under your desk; close your eyes against the flash.


*I mean “nuclear,” it says it right there. And when was the Cold War close to going hot? Back in the 50s, when the nuclear family was also a thing. And guess who would be among the group that the atom bombs would incinerate? Babies, that’s who. It all comes together.

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