The wrong choices of one changed the lives of many one snowy winter’s morning. Young husband and father Jordan Rasmussen, an accountant for a popular canyon restaurant near Salt Lake City, was meeting to discuss some inconsistencies he had discovered in the bank accounts with the manager. Jordan’s discovery resulted in the young LDS father being brutally murdered by the manager. Hear how widow DeAnn Rasmussen Kilgore raised her children without their father and what she did to lessen the impact of bitterness and revenge by learning the value of forgiveness. Jordan’s sister Diane tells the struggles the family had with her brother’s tragic murder and how they eventually found peace and were able to forgive. Chad visited his father’s killer in prison before he left on his mission, forgiving the man. Hear how that meeting resulted in a touching story of restitution. Today’s story of forgiveness, including Chad’s meeting and the resulting restitution, is an inspiration to anyone needing, seeking, or giving forgiveness.
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